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Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s final DLC is out this month and lets you play as a woman

Warhorse's fourth DLC launches on May 28, putting you in the shoes of base game NPC Theresa

A Woman's Lot

The fourth and final DLC for Kingdom Come: Deliverance will release at the end of this month. In a press release last night, developer Warhorse Studios revealed that game’s last major update, A Woman’s Lot, will launch on May 28.

While the main game and all three previous DLC packages focused on central character Henry, A Woman’s Lot will deviate from the established formula. This time around, you’ll play as new playable character Theresa. Accompanied by your canine companion Tinker on what Warhorse says is a standalone questline, you’ll experience life in Skalitz before witnessing the events that lead up to Sigismund’s raid on the village at the beginning of the game.

Fans of Kingdom Come will probably remember Theresa as one of Henry’s love interests in the main game, but A Woman’s Lot will take place before many of the pair’s interactions during the story. Instead, the DLC will “provide the last puzzle of the Skalitz story,” revealing what happened before Theresa found Henry unconscious and helped to nurse him back to health at her uncle’s mill.

As well as the arrival of the fourth DLC package, Warhorse have announced Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition. As well as the enhanced version of the main game, the royal edition will come with all four DLC updates, and will be available from June 11.

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Now that Kingdom has Come to an end, it’ll be interesting to see what Warhorse has planned going forward. The main story was left open-ended enough for a potential sequel, and Kingdom Come: Deliverance sales have topped two million. With a new DLC due out in just a few weeks, I imagine we’ll be waiting a while to hear anything new, but I don’t imagine we’ve seen the last of Henry.