Kingdom Come: Deliverance builds guide – tips for developing your character

Kingdom Come: Deliverance builds

Kingdom Come: Deliverance builds can help you achieve victory in your adventures by specialising your character in niche areas. The right choice of perks, weapons, and armour will compliment your playstyle and help enhance your roleplaying. If you are unsure on what perks to pick, our Kingdom Come: Deliverance builds guide is here to help. 

Kingdom Come: Deliverance perks guide

Kingdom Come: Deliverance perks

Kingdom Come has a perk system, so as you level up in various skills, you can pick bonus traits every few levels. You will, however, have to choose carefully, because certain perks will lock you off from others. It’s worth considering what kind of character you want your Henry to be from the start, then, and pursue that path. Don’t spread yourself thin.

Here are the perks we deem most important:

Must-have early perks for every play style

Ascetic: This slows down the rate at which your food/nourishment depletes by 30%, but when you get hungry (50% nourishment or below), it depletes 20% faster. This is a worthwhile trade-off, because once you are a few hours into the game, food is fairly easy to come by, so there’s less chance you’ll hit the ‘Hungry’ state anyway, and with this perk, whatever you do eat will go further.

Highborn or Lowborn: One of these two is a no-brainer, increasing your Speech by 3 with nobles or commoners respectively. It doesn’t have any negative effects, and the stat gain is as big as they come. It is just a case of deciding what kind of people you want to chum up with.

Burgher or Savage: Depending on which you pick, you’ll get +1 Strength, Agility, Vitality and Speech boosts in towns or the wilderness respectively. Both are powerful, but Savage edges it for me, because the lion’s share of combat is out in the wild. Yes, you do more chatting in built-up areas, so Speech can come in handy there, but so long as you maintain your hygiene and have some snazzy clothes to jump into, and pick either the Highborn or Lowborn perk, charming people isn’t too difficult.

Stronghold: It will cost you 30% less stamina to block attacks, which is a massive gain, and essential even if you don’t plan on being too combat-focused.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance builds

Stealth build

Kingdom Come: Deliverance builds stealth

Light Armour:If you plan on playing a sneaky rogue type, you will want to wear light armour so you don’t make too much of a racket as you move. Unlocking this perk makes you 50% better at dodging in combat if you don’t wear plate armour.

Cloak and Dagger:This Level 8 perk grants you +2 Stealth at the expense of -1 Strength and Speech. It’s the biggest stealth boost in the game, and commits you to the path of the charlatan, locking you off from other Level 8 perks.

Fighter build

Brute: For those who prefer resolving situations with force rather than meek chit-chat. Brute gives you +2 Strength at the cost of 1 Speech and Stamina, and will lock you off from all the other Level 8 perks.

Clinch Master: Boosts your chance of overpowering your enemy in a clinch, which staggers them, and lets you get some free shots in.

Boar: A great, simple move, achieved by sprinting straight into your opponent in combat, staggering them, and depleting their health and stamina. The impact is increased if your armour’s heavier than your opponent’s, making this a highly effective way to get the upper hand at the start of combat.