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Ambitious mod aims to turn Kingdom Come into Game of Thrones, if the mod tools support it

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance has eschewed the warmth of magic and familiar fantasy worlds common in RPGS in favour of a gritty medieval setting filled with dark problems and middle ages politics. Soon, you’ll be able to get the best of both worlds – grim medieval fantasy all about political machinations – thanks to a mod which aims to turn Kingdom Come into Game of Thrones.

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The Seven Kingdoms mod focuses on the Riverlands during the War of the Five Kings, largely focused on providing an open world to explore during the conflict. The final list of features depends on what’s supported by the game’s development tools, which haven’t yet been released.

So where’s all this fancy armour coming from? Seven Kingdoms was originally in development for Attila: Total War, but has since switched to Kingdom Come due to a lack of support for the aging strategy title. Since much of the work has been in rendering assets like custom armour in third-party tools, those will be easily transferable to the new project.

That, of course, depends on what the final mod tools actually support, which has remained a question for the Kingdom Come community. According to director Daniel Vavra in an interview translated by ResetEra, the release of robust modding tools depends on further discussion of their agreement with engine provider CryTek.

More minor mods, including a fix for the game’s controversial save system, are already available through the Kingdom Come Nexus, but anything more robust would likely require access to more powerful tools. Either way, Seven Kingdoms is a massive undertaking, so expect to wait a while before seeing the fruits of these modders’ labours. You can keep an eye on the project via ModDB in the meantime.