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Kingdom Come: Deliverance will support mods


Good news for modders, bad news for biscuits - Kingdom Come: Deliverance will support mods, but you most likely won't be able to mess around with the FoV.

This news came when a fan on Twitter asked the official Warhorse Studios account and it delivered a one-two punch of good and bad news.

The lack of a customisable FoV bothers me about as much as my bus turning up exactly on time and not smelling of death. Meanwhile mod support gets me very excited about the sort of things we might see in what seems like such an expansive project. Someone please make a Game of Thrones mod, okay? Thanks.

This ambitious and grounded medieval RPG looks like it could be something special, particularly in the recent trailer that showcased its sword combat. Do you think real knights had FoV sliders embedded into their helmet's eye slits? They call me Sir Seesalot.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is due some time next summer.

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El Burrito Avatar
2 Years ago

It's weird that they wouldn't support customisable FoV. I wonder what the reason for it is. Some people get really upset over not being able to put it so high they get a fisheye effect.

Psycold Avatar
2 Years ago

Kinda funny, the last comment I made on this site I used FoV as an example of things we used to come to expect with PC gaming, but now we are lucky if we get them. This game is also coming out on Xbox One and PS4...probably not a coincidence that it is missing PC exclusive features. Glad to hear about the mods though, because the game does still look great.

mogloth Avatar
2 Years ago

What's FoV?

Clutchy Avatar
2 Years ago

Field of View.

As it's a 1st person sword fighter (is that even a term?), what you're able to see greatly affects gameplay. I can understand why they would want to control this. Sort of.

Glen_Runciter Avatar
2 Years ago

eh, if they don't screw up the FoV like GTAV did, nobody will even notice