Kingdom Wars 2: Battles giveaway! Win one of 120 copies of this zombie real-time strategy, worth $29.99!

Kingdom Wars 2: Battles

If there’s one thing that’s been lacking in the fantasy genre, it’s zombies. Luckily, Kingdom Wars 2: Battles is here to sate that appetite with its real-time strategy goodness, so once you’re through pulverising your enemies on the battlefield, all you have to do is can wait for them to rise up up as hungry hordes of the undead, and do it all over again.

Combining siege combat, city building and resource management, Kingdom Wars 2 allows you to choose your own long-term strategy for survival and playstyle preference; whether it’s fortifying your city, creating an army so big you don’t know what to do with it, or simply becoming absolutely stinking rich. The game also offers multiple races for different gameplay experiences, with the ability to play as humans, orcs or elves, with each civilisation bringing unique crafting options, unit abilities and battlefield tactics. Kingdom Wars 2 features a single-player campaign and fully fledged MMO-style online multiplayer, each with their own story arcs and progression system.

With so many different areas to focus on and manage, Kingdom Wars 2 requires you to make truly tough decisions in the face on an impending apocalypse, such as “do I want my poor, downtrodden peasants to raise pigs, or chickens?”

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Kingdom Wars 2: Battles giveaway