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First chapter of new King’s Quest, A Knight To Remember, is out now


Get into your nostalgia armour and prep for impact as a new King’s Quest, of all things, lands on Steam today. The reimagining of the classic adventure game series has a lot to live up to, with the eight previous games all having a ravenous fanbase. It’s up for debate how well many of them stand up today, but the newest installment’s episodic contributions will be under close eye.

Here’s the launch trailer:

The story follows the protagonist of the original games, now-King Graham, as he describes his adventures to his grand daughter. That’s the puzzle-solving, character-chatting bit. It’s promised that there’ll be three main routes through the game, called Bravery, Wisdom and Compassion, and which you choose will have a big effect on how later episodes play out.

So full-on Telltale then, only by a different development team and with a long history behind the franchise. Half of that worked pretty well for Life Is Strange, so it’ll be interesting to see how well it’s done here. Puzzles are also advertised as having multiple solutions, something still very rare.

Chapter 1’ll set you back £6.99, while the whole five-episodes-plus-epilogue season is £31.99. It’s mentioned that episodes will be spread “throughout 2015 and 2016” so don’t expect fast and furious updates. That’s the one part of episodic gaming nobody seems to be getting right – regular installments to keep people interested.