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Solo developer drops muscular cat game on the way to hospital

Instead of celebrating the release of their brand-new platform game KinnikuNeko: Super Muscle Cat, developer ChardiTronic is in hospital.


It must be the epitome of bad luck for a game developer; falling ill shortly before the release of your new game. Sadly, this became the reality for solo developer ChardiTronic, who reported feeling unwell just a day before the planned release of his chonky cat game KinnikuNeko: Super Muscle Cat, ultimately forcing him to release the game early. 

KinnikuNeko: Super Muscle Cat is a 2D platform game featuring an absolute unit of a cat. The cat’s role in this colorful anime-inspired universe? Why, to fight evil aliens, of course!

This quirky feline indie game was created by just one developer, who goes by the name of ChardiTronic. After five years of hard work, KinnikuNeko: Super Muscle Cat was finally ready for release on Tuesday March 19, but disaster struck as ChardiTronic caught a bacteria and had to stay “useless in bed”.

Things then got worse on launch day as ChardiTronic had to rush to the hospital, causing him to release the game earlier than planned. He warns that he may not be able to provide immediate support should any post-launch problems arise – but who can blame him?

KinnikuNeko developer message

There’s been no update from ChardiTronic since, but let’s hope he’ll be as strong as his bodybuilding cat soon. If beating up baddies as a ripped cat sounds like a dream to you, you can find KinnikuNeko: Super Muscle Cat on Steam for $11.99/£9.99. The game also has a free demo.

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