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Knoxville is a Hunger Games-alike multiplayer survival game


Press Play, the little Denmark-based developer responsible for fun platformer Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, are working on something a little less cute. A multiplayer game taking heavy inspiration from The Hunger Games and The Running Man, its tasks demand players make decisions on working together or breaking alliances in order to survive and win.

Seven players – or ‘contestants’ – take part in the futuristic, brutal game show, where they are locked in an arena filled with terrors and harsh environments. Wolves (and bigger threats) will chase you through the fields, and puzzles will demand that people work together to progress. But is an alliance what you really need to achieve victory? Apparently the game will allow everyone to survive, but presumably it will throw in tempting reasons to backstab your fellow contestants.

Press Play will be holding bi-weekly streams on Twitch, starting September 17th, for those interested in watching the progression of development.

There’s no release date details for Knoxville, nor confirmed platforms. But both their most recent games – Max and Kalimba – have been released on PC as well as Xbox One, and once again the studio are working with Microsoft, so a Windows 10 release seems logical.

Thanks, PC Gamer.