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Sesame Street turns sinister in browser-based fever-dream Kurm Frog Teach ABC

Kurm Frog

Every child am wanting to know, “how ABC”? Friendly Mupt Kurm Frog am here to explain. Controls Kurm with mouse or touch and destroy all barrier stand between frog and educations. Having fun am mandatory, or gulag for Kurm!

Alright, enough of that. The winner of the 2017 Awful Summer Jam contest, Kurm Frog Teach ABC, is a lovely digital fever-dream, playable right in your browser. This little nightmare is ten minutes well spent, and maybe a few more as you unlock additional skins.

Kurm Frog made you nostalgic for the Good Old Days? Here are some timeless classics.

Kurm Frog is The Muppet Show as half-remembered by a drunk Soviet-era paranoiac who has never actually seen a full episode of anything produced by Jim Henson. Outside of increasingly menacing visual novel sections (with gorgeous art and catchy chiptunes), you control the flailing frog by grabbing its lifeless puppet torso and… flailing.

Help your favourite horribly altered Tea Lizard flail his way through the Mupt Show (or however it’s being spelt this second), Celebrity Basketball, Mathletic Races, and other such authentically Western and American televisual entertainment events. Obey the party. Teach the childrens their ABCs and remember: there is a monster at the end of this game.

Kurm Frog is a Punch The Moon production – they’ve made a bunch of other cool things, and you should check them out – and was brought to you by the letters 12, Yellow, and Turnip