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LawBreakers open beta kicks off today


Starting today, players from around the world can try out LawBreakers, the new online shooter from Cliff Bleszinski and his new development house Boss Key Productions, ahead of its August launch.

LawBreakers is hoping to crack our list of the best multiplayer games on PC. Take a look and see if it has a shot.

The LawBreakers beta, which was previously closed to key holders only, opens up to the public for the first time today at 09:00 PDT / 12:00 ET / 17:00 BST / 18:00 CEST / AET 02:00 July 1. So, as you read this, it will either just be about to start or has started already.

The open beta will last until July 5 and close at the same time it opened. You’ll need a Steam account but otherwise won’t need to have pre-ordered the game. Just click here to sign up.

The beta includes two maps. Vertigo is set high in the Sierra Nevada mountains and is focused on high-altitude combat. Uplink is an escort map where both teams attempt to capture and protect the titular uplink. Weapon Stickers will also be available so you can customise your guns, with the ability to earn a special beta participant sticker that will carry over to the final game.

LawBreakers will then be out on Steam a month after the beta closes, on August 8. Give it a go now and decide for yourselves whether it can stand up to the mighty Overwatch.