Changes to Gunslinger, Harrier, and Wraith make up the first LawBreakers patch

LawBreakers team

LawBreakers has had its first update since it came out earlier this month. Patch 1.1 pushes through a few balance changes that didn’t make it into the game’s full launch, and also fixes a few bugs.

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The biggest changes in this patch have been made to Gunslinger. According to the patch notes, Gunslinger is dominant in combat, but a lot of their movement around the map when simply going from point A to B is sluggish. To combat this, the patch has “bumped up the impulse gained from using Warp to better help him ramp up to speed.”

On the other hand, to help balance the impact of Gunslinger while in combat, the developers have “nudged down his fully charged Omega damage and reduced the headshot multiplier on the TAC-knife so that it no longer one-shots squishy enemies.” To counter the nerf, they’ve transferred the power, so landing a fully charged Omega headshot will now refresh Gunslinger’s warp ability charge.

The other balance changes are being made to Harrier, who’s getting the damage on their Convergence ability scaled down, and Wraith, whose Wasp Stab is getting a precision element applied to it, much like the recent changes to Assassin. The base damage on the attack is being decreased to 75 from 125, but precision attacks will deal the same amount of damage as before.

There are also a few bug fixes, mostly impacting gameplay, but match-filling logic has also been improved, and Korean has been added as a supported language. You can check out the full patch notes here.