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The latest LawBreakers patch brings a new map and big changes to how health works

lawbreakers map namsan

The latest LawBreakers patch is here, bringing “significant changes to how health works across the game.” In patch notes posted on Steam, a number of changes were made, many focusing on helping players stay alive longer, because “we’ve found that many of our players are spending significantly more time staring at a respawn screen than we’d like.”

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Three major changes are being introduced to help bring this about. The first is the most simple – health has been increased for every role. More health obviously means it takes longer to die, so that should fix things pretty quickly. The second is introducing health regeneration after you’ve been out of combat for a while. That will also apply to all roles, meaning you’re not dependent on Battle Medic, aiming to keep you in the fight longer, “rather than having players retreat to a health station.”

The third is perhaps the most complex change. The implementation of a “group spawning system” means you’ll spawn alongside your teammates more often, rather than spawning on your own. Further explanation reveals “we’ve added logic that tries to spawn teammates who died shortly after one another into collections. This means you will more frequently have some support when heading into battle.”

These changes aren’t the only ones being introduced in this patch. There’s also a new map, called Namsan, more matchmaking options, and daily login rewards. Those will provide 50 credits the first time you log into LawBreakers for the day.

The patch also announced that the game’s first limited-time skirmish mode will be a Team Deathmatch. Skirmish mode is a rotating featured game mode, which is arriving in the game with this first patch. That means that while Team deathmatch might return to the game in future, it won’t be around forever.

There are also multiple balance changes, which you can check out in the patch notes themselves.