LawBreakers’ All-Star update adds ranked matchmaking

LawBreakers closed beta

LawBreakers next update will be the biggest the game has seen since launch. The All-Star update introduces a competitive ranked league, two new maps, and a bunch of other small updates.

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The biggest feature is the introduction of ranked mode. Boss Leagues will kick off with a beta season, which requires players to be level five before they can start playing. Ranked will be split into six divisions, from Bronze at the bottom to ‘Boss’ at the top. You’ll need to play ten placement matches to get your first ranking.

The two maps are Gateway, a floating mobile Blitzball stadium, and Redfalls Blood Moon. The latter is an edgy redesign of the pre-existing Redfalls map, set at night and lit by the titular Blood Moon.

There’ll also be a bunch of balance adjustments, an improvement to tutorials, and more than 120 new items, including profile icons and kick decals. The update goes live tomorrow, October 19, at 10:00 PST.