Best League of Legends skins

You aren’t made of money, but you do want to look good while grabbing those pentakills and taking down the enemy nexus. We understand and we want to help you with the best way to spend Riot Points. We’ve had a look through every single one of the massive catalogue and picked out the best LoL skins available.

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There’s a massive selection across more than a dozen champions, ranging from funniest to just plain highest quality. If you want to see more on each skin, we've linked to LoLKing's model viewer for each one that it hasn't turned into nightmare fuel. YouTube channel SkinSpotlights also has a feature on basically every skin that shows off all their animations in the actual client. Onward, to fetching new outfits.

Best of the best League of Legends skins

These are the very best Riot have ever made. They're pinnacles of flavour, art, music, extras - they're the skins that, by themselves, make us want to play League just to kick ass using them. Naturally, they're usually on the more expensive side, but the impressive thing is they often look and feel worth it.

Best Sona Skin - DJ Sona, 3250 RP

Arguably the best League of Legends skin ever, DJ Sona is one of three 'Ultimate' skins released. Along with the usual change of duds, Ultimate skins have other unique effects. In Sona’s case, it’s a set of three subtle changes to her outfit and equipment that can be switched between in-game. Each also plays a different constant background track that team-mates can choose to have broadcast into their game. Concussive is the best one, and anyone who tells you otherwise should probably be quarantined, but there's a nice spread of styles.

Best Veigar Skin - Final Boss Veigar, 1820 RP


Final Boss Veigar is part of the Arcade line, which we’ll get on to in a bit. To focus on the little devil himself, it’s a perfect mix of flavour and character. Veigar is egotistical and a megalomaniac with massive magical power, so casting him in the role of a 16-bit bad guy is wonderful. All of the particle effects for his spells are changed to match the colourful, blocky aesthetic and it looks just wonderful in-game. My favourite touch is the QWE on the gauntlet.

Best Kayle Skin - Aether Wing Kayle, 1820 RP


This was actually the first skin I saw that made me appreciate the amount of time and effort that goes into them. My flatmate at the time was a big Kayle fan and he bought it immediately. Not only is she wonderfully designed but the particle effects on attacks are so far above her usual bland fire as to feel like a wholly different and more powerful character. Despite being one of the older skins on the list it still looks fantastic.

Best Fiddlesticks Skin - Surprise Party Fiddlesticks, 975 RP


The Party Fiddle, as he should now be known, is a great example of the way Riot interact with their community. Fiddlesticks’ suite of abilities essentially involves popping out of nowhere with a huge AoE aura around him that does extreme damage. It’s a surprise party where all the kids are champions and everyone runs away screaming. Thus, the skin was born and memes became reality. Speaking of which...

Best Darius Skin - Dunkmaster Darius, 1820 RP


The ‘dunk’ referred to here is Darius’ ult, which deals massive damage or executes a champion if they are below a certain health threshold. It also refreshes if it kills someone, letting you tear through a whole team if they make the mistake of getting too low and staying close. With this skin he gets to do it with an actual giant flaming basketball, while wacking opponents over the head with a detached backboard.

The Arcade Appreciation Station


This isn’t about one skin in particular, but the Arcade collection that was recently expanded. Final Boss Veigar is part of it, but Blitzcrank, Riven, Miss Fortune, Hecarim and Sona have all had similarly styled skins over the past couple of years. They're all bloody wonderful.

Best looking League of Legends skins

These skins are the ones that look rad. Be it particularly sweet splash art, a great redesign of a character or especially cool effects on attacks and spells, these are the ones that you’re happy even if your opponent is playing. While our first category stood out in all areas, these ones are specifically excellent in their art.

Best Malphite Skin - Mecha Malphite, 1350 RP

Mecha Malphite is pretty much a full redesign of the rock golem into a Jaeger-style battle robot. He’s paired with the more obviously Pacific Rim inspired Mecha Aatrox in robotic goodness. I personally prefer the blockier man, so he’s grabbed the list spot. Also: his recall animation turns him into a drill.

Best Vi Skin - Debonair Vi, 750 RP

I’ll admit a huge helping hand for this was the splash art embedded above. The design on the gauntlets, the clothes, the hair - it’s all basically perfect. In-game there’s less noticeable changes to Vi’s kit than for others here, but the colour scheme is as classy as they come. It’s not about beating your opponents, it’s about doing it in style.

Best Rumble Skin - Super Galaxy Rumble, 1820 RP

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That’s the login screen for the raddest little dude on the rift. Taking more than a little design inspiration from popular anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and its over the top robots/sunglasses/drills, nobody has quite as much pure rockin’ power as Super Galaxy Rumble. Quite possibly worth learning one of the game’s hardest champions for.

Best Yasuo Skin - PROJECT: Yasuo, 1350 RP

Have you played Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance? Look down, back up, League of Legends now stars YOU as Raiden. That’s the sell of PROJECT: Yasuo who is also cool enough to have now spawned his own entire line of skins, who are currently in a pre-release state. As someone who has never had the same love of Ronin-style characters as much of the rest of the internet, this total change of his character feels custom designed for me and I’m a big fan.

Best Caitlyn Skin - Headhunter Caitlyn, 975 RP

On the reverse side, I’d never seen Headhunter Caitlyn before doing the research for this article. As soon as I browsed past her splash art I knew she was getting a slot, being far too awesome (and fully clothed) not to deserve it. Again the lower price means she’s a little simpler in terms of changes from the base version, but as a newer addition she’s some of the best available art in the game.

The Radcast Battlecast

Another pack highlight here, focusing on the Battlecast set. There’s a fair stack of these, but my personal favourites are the bass-pumping Cho’gath, terror scorpian Skarner and Matrix-Sentinel-like Vel’koz. The shared style between each and the alt-universe lore that ties them together helps make them look and feel really unique alongside their generico-fantasy brethren.

Funniest League of Legends skins

Some skins are not made to be taken seriously, on or off the battlefield. These are the skins for those of you that want a laugh or intend for your opponents to underestimate you. Between cupcake maces and lethal briefcases, it’s difficult to keep a straight face with these folks around.

Best Blitzcrank Skin - Definitely Not Blitzcrank, 520 RP

The only thing that isn’t fantastic about DNB is he’s only available during the Halloween sales each year and sometimes not even then. He first debuted for the 2011 event and is one of the most popular skins for the grabby handed one. It’s fair enough really - only at Halloween are people perceptive enough to realise which champion is truly hiding under that masterful disguise.

Best Sejuani Skin - Poro Rider Sejuani, 975 RP

Another Limited sale skin, Sejuani riding a giant white ball of fluff is a Christmas exclusive from last year. It’s also wonderfully opposite from the base version’s armoured boar antics and utterly adorable to boot. Your enemies will not know true fear until they are ridden down by a giant Poro.

Best Corki Skin - Urfrider Corki, 975 RP

There’s a deluge of great Corki skins, from UFO-riding maniacs to World War 1 call backs, but the flying manatee with a spatula narrowly surpasses them all. I think it’s the look on its little, angry face that does it, or Corki’s own intense grimace. These guys mean business, April Fools skin or no.

Best Annie Skin - Reverse Annie, 975 RP

In case you’re unaware, Annie is normally a young girl who can summon her stuffy bear companion as a not-so-stuffy demon-bear with her ultimate ability. Reverse Annie puts her in a bear costume and, far more importantly, the bear in a school dress with matching backpack and pink wig. It’s still a giant, flaming bi-pedal bear, obviously, but one that’s ready to learn.

Best Renekton Skin - Pool Party Renekton, 1350 RP

There are a lot of reasons for this recommendation. It’s part of a large set of fun skins. It’s the only Renekton one that doesn’t feel like it was designed by teenage boys of ever-increasing edginess. But mostly it’s this video of two players unable to stop using the unique recall animation and ending up in tears laughing. Fair warning, bit of strong language in there.

I hope you had a skintacular time, that’s all we’ve got to say on the matter. Any picks that we missed? An unexplainable need to defend Spirit Guard Udyr? Put ‘em in the comments where I’ll fight you on why no Nasus skins made the cut.

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Sam_Fisher avatarBen Barrett avatar
Sam_Fisher Avatar
1 Year ago

I'd make the argument for PROJECT Yasuo to not be on the list simply due to the number of fellow Yas players who have complained about the auto attack animation.

Besides that I'd argue for Neon Strike Vi because of the amazing back animation, and Eternum Nocturne because of the scary as crud vo. There's a few others (Draven's skins, both Jinx skins, Dino Gnar, etc) but otherwise this list is extremely good.

Ben Barrett Avatar
1 Year ago

Um'd and arr'd on both of Jinx's. I really like them, especially the latest, but they don't have quite the wow factor. I think whatever they do for her next will be incredible though.

Prime Time Draven was also on the shortlist, along with Janna's skin in the same style.

I was convinced on PROJECT Yasuo because it just looks incredible, in and out of game (as do all the new PROJECT ones, I'll be using their splashes as wallpapers ASAP)