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Here’s your first look at League of Legends’ Fiddlesticks rework

Fiddlesticks has a creepy new passive, a re-imagined terrify, and a less annoying silence.

Riot has drawn back the curtain on Fiddlesticks’ awaited rework, breaking down the changes to the scarecrow’s abilities and showcasing his distinctly creepy visuals. Though some have taken to writing goodbye letters to the gangly champ, others welcome the change in pace.

The rusty old hero is now pretty terrifying, and his abilities have been adjusted to match. Dread, Drain, and Dark Wind are out of the window, with his new passive of particular interest. Named ‘A Harmless Scarecrow’, it will replace Fiddlesticks’ trinket with Scarecrow Effigies that grant vision and look exactly like him. When approached by an enemy, they’ll cast a spell or basic attack and self-destruct.

You can have two Effigies active at any time, their cooldown and duration scaling with the level. That’s bound to give a few jumpscares when left around corners or in bushes, and their ability to reveal nearby wards at level 6 could prove powerful. Naturally, the abilities Riot has kept also have important improvements, as does the scarecrows’ animations as he lumbers around the map.

With all that said, let’s jump into the meat of the new Fiddlesticks abilities and reworks:

  • A Harmless Scarecrow (P):
    • Fiddlesticks’ trinket has been replaced by Scarecrow effigies. You can have two active at once, each looking exactly like him, save some health bar changes. They work as wards, but also perform a random action when an enemy approaches, such as casting Crowstorm or basic attacking. At level 6, an Effigy reveals nearby wards for six seconds.
  • Terrify (Q):
    • Passive: Fiddlesitck’s abilities terrify an enemy if they hit when he’s out of sight, causing them to flee.
    • Active: Terrify a target, making them flee, while dealing damage depending on their health. Casting this when an enemy is terrified from the passive deals double damage.
  • Bountiful Harvest (W):
    • Drain the souls of nearby enemies, causing damage for a few seconds and healing Fiddlesticks for the same amount. The final tick of damage is dependent on the enemy’s health. Cooldown is partially refunded if no enemies remain.
  • Reap (E):
    • Damage and slow enemies in a crescent in front of Fiddlesticks. Those in the center are also silenced.
  • Crowstorm (R):
    • Channel a blink to a target location, where you’ll damage all nearby enemies for a few seconds.

The reaction in the League of Legends subreddit has been largely positive. Players are glad to see the end of his long-range, bouncing silence, but already scared of that passive. The only real negative reaction has been in regards to the new dark candy skin, which doesn’t really hit the same beats as the original.

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Still, we won’t truly know how all these abilities play out in practice until players get their hands on them. That could be in a PBE next week alongside other 10.7 content, but there’s no official word just yet. In the meantime, you can catch up on the latest changes in patch 10.6 or stare longingly at the video above.