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Forge of Champions concludes with Misfits win

UK-based League of Legends squad Misfits Academy has secured the win in Riot’s Forge of Champions tournament.

The team, which features three brits (including one named after seminal London trancecore band Enter Shikari) fought hard against Diabolous in a best of five match, winning 3-2. Misfits have earned a spot in the EU Masters, as well as the lion’s share of the £50,000 prize pool.

The inaugural Forge of Champions is the first UK League of Legends tournament hosted by Riot Games, representing the firm’s biggest commitment to the UK esports scene to date. Riot had been involved with League of Legends tournaments hosted by ESL.

Although Misfits were favourites to take the trophy home, it was by no means an easy victory. Diabolous proved strong opposition, winning two rounds of the best of five match, after Misfits cruised the first two. Misfit’s top laner Shikari led the charge throughout, creating numerous opportunities for Misfits to outplay their opponents. In the end it was young support player Prosfair that led the squad to victory, taking on shot-calling duties in the deciding round.

The FoC is part of a renewed effort by Riot to reinvigorate the UK League scene and win back players who have fallen off the wagon.

“Forge of Champions was created alongside the UK’s leading professional teams and forms the first part of a three-year partnership with LVP and their shared vision for UK esports,” reads a statement from the firm.

The tournament was an open bracket, meaning any League team could enter, but Misfits Academy was one of the eight teams who were invited from the ESL UK Premiership. Over 3000 players registered, and 64 new teams were created to enter the Forge of Champions.

“Forge of Champions really shows the strength of the UK League of Legends esports scene,” said Mo Fadl, head of UK esports at Riot Games UK. “Every country is different in terms of player needs and we’ve learnt a lot over the last few months and have taken on board all feedback for 2019. We’ll continue to work closely with our players to develop something meaningful that helps the UK to thrive.”

The EU Masters returns this month with a €150,000 prize pool.