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Land of Legends: take in the ginormous new Riot campus

Riot Games

At the moment, Riot Games have an office. But they’re about to have a campus: a space in West LA befitting their current industry-eating presence.

They’ve taken inspiration from Korean internet cafes, their way of working (collaborative, late into the night), and the fact that they’ve got oodles of League of Legends cash to throw around.

Riot Games

The campus comprises five buildings around a central quad, filled with “drought-friendly” plants. Drought-friendly because this is in LA, just down the road from Riot’s original workplace in Santa Monica.

The studio haven’t fully moved in yet – so we’re seeing the “uncorrupted canvas before the creative chaos”. But dark child Annie and shadow bear Tibbers can already be found near reception:

Riot Games

All five of the offices have a “dedicated space for play”, inspired by the PC bangs Korean fans visit to play League.

“This is the first and last time we’ll see the PC bang empty at night,” write Riot. “It’ll be filled with Rioters getting their game on most hours of the day.”

Riot Games

The campus will house nearly 100 “breakout” rooms, four atriums, and various nooks and hideaways in the central jungle:

Riot Games

Riot say they’re putting their new home on PBE.

“We’ll customize the space to fit our needs,” they write. “Move our desks, throw up Scrum walls, and carve out quiet corners. We’ll continue to evaluate what’s working and what’s not, and just like League, patch as needed.”

Not bad for a first build, huh?