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Victorious Graves is this year’s League of Legends ranked season reward skin

Victorious Graves

The 2017 League of Legends ranked season will end on November 7. In preparation, Riot have been showing off the rewards your time on the Rift will have earned you this year.

Runes Reforged arrives at the end of this year’s ranked season, so we’ve broken down every new rune coming to League of Legends.

As before, getting to Gold or higher by the time the season ends rewards you with a Victorious skin. In recent years, those have included Morgana, Sivir, and Maokai. This year’s reward skin is Victorious Graves, and Riot have been busy teasing the Outlaw’s shiny new look. For the first time, Victorious Graves will also come with Chromas based on the queue you ended the season in. Finishing in Gold will award you the base skin, but Platinum, Diamond, or higher will come with their own unique takes on the design. If you don’t own Graves but reach Gold, you’ll be rewarded with the champion as well as the skin.

Also returning are the seasonal summoner icons, and loading screen borders if you finished in Silver or above. This year, Riot are introducing profile insignia, which allow you to show off your previous season rank on your profile page.

New rewards include the Victorious Ward Skin, which you’ll earn by reaching Silver rank in more than one queue, and Honor Ward Skins, which you’ll unlock based on your end of season Honor rank, assuming you got past level 3.

It’s worth remembering that you’re not eligible for these rewards if you’ve been banned for boosting this season, or recently received a ban of seven days or more. Also, if you have a ban or chat restriction that’s still active when the season ends, you won’t get your reward. Season 8 will start on January 16, 2018.

If you’re not eligible for the Victorious Graves skin, you can still celebrate the 2017 ranked season with Championship Ashe. 25% of profits from the sale of the new skin go to the 2017 Worlds Prize Pool, and a further 25% to charity. You can see what the skin looks like in-game below.