League of Legends comic reveals new champion, Camille – she’s got swords for legs

Camille LoL

A new League of Legends Champion is being teased in a comic over on the official site. She seems to be some kind of assassin with swords for legs. I wish I had swords for legs – that way upturned plugs would be scared of ME.

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Camille is portrayed as emotionless in the comic, mercilessly slaughtering a criminal in front of his significant other as she begs her to stop, just like your enemy teammates or something.

She can be seen getting around with some kind of wires suspending her, so expect some weird traversal system, stabby legs and emotional detachment. You can also hear a glimpse of her theme, doubtless featured in a login screen coming in patch 6.24, in the above video that was posted to Facebook and reuploaded by SkinSpotlights. Riot designer Daniel Klein also confirmed on Twitter who was part of the dev team for her. There was also some talk on Reddit as to how her humanity is defined as an “augmented living person.”

You can check out the Camille comic on the League of Legends site. Let us know how you think she’ll play, and watch out for her reveal this Wednesday along with the new PBE cycle, no doubt.