League of Legends champion spotlight tells the tale of Bard, and how to use him

League of Legends Bard Champion Spotlight

The newest League of Legends champion is Bard: a roaming support. He’s rather unique, in that he has two unique passives, the ability to shackle and stun enemies together or against walls, heal his allies with health packs and leap himself and his team through solid terrain. If that hasn’t made your jaw drop, then wait till you hear about his ultimate – it makes anyone affected completely immune to all damage, allies, enemies and neutrals alike.

Riots latest champion spotlight deconstructs each of Bard’s new abilities, and we’ve got it below to help you make sense of this cosmic spirit.

As someone who doesn’t play League of Legends often, I must say that Bard seems like one of the most interesting champions ever to have been created. His ability to sustain a lane with his health packs is lucrative, as well is his roaming ability. Usually, you’re often sacrificing something when going on a roam, but with Bard, you’ll likely return from your gank/warding with a ton of meeps and ready to deal damage.

Magical Journey, his portal ability, is lovely too. The fact that enemies can use it shouldn’t be seen as a hindrance – actually it’s a boon. I can easily see myself setting up a Magical Journey while escaping a enemy team’s gank, only to bait them into my own team’s ambush.

His ultimate can however be both detrimental to a team fight, or it can backfire horribly. Like with most things, I think communication is key to landing this not only in the correct location, but at the precise timing as well.