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League of Legends' Mind of the Virtuoso trailer continues tease for new sniper champion, Jhin

Update 7 Jan, 2016: A mysterious teaser video called Mind of the Virtuoso has been released. It doesn't explain anything.

Another cryptic video named Mind of the Virtuoso has surfaced for what's expected to be the next League of Legends champion, Jhin. Again, it's hard to say exactly what's going on but this one looks like an anti-drugs campaign video merged with a perfume advert.

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Make of it what you will:

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This was released yesterday alongside a tweet from Riot's August Browning that read "He's almost ready..."

I'd say it's now confirmed that a new champion is on the way, between the unrecognised visage at the end and the use of a male pronoun in the tweet. Until now it was possible that this was some sort of major update to Caitlyn, particularly if you consider the similarities in motif in the recently released 2016 season login screen:

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One of Riot's employees, Utora, has also been on Reddit teasing the new champion's voice over. They say that "Dude is [a] super creeper. Never before have I had to take some mental steps away from a champion due to their personality and demeanor." Sounds like the usual light and breezy League of Legends fellow, then? He'll likely be properly revealed in the coming days as the 2016 season kicks off.

Orginal Story 4 Jan, 2016: Those fine spenders of infinite money at Riot Games are cranking up their art team for another League of Legends teaser, nicknamed DeadEye. It seems a new champion is in the works, with the pages for Zed, Sona, Garen and Vi all having new pop-ups of them being shot and various rose petal motifs. Data mining, sleuthing and the usual community rumblings indicate that it's all building to the reveal of a new champion, Jhin, some sort of sniper.

The teases began on Boxing Day, when Zed's champion page started showing this video when it was loaded up, and his icon was changed to one filled with rose petals.

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This was followed over the next few days by Sona, Garen and Vi all receiving similar treatment. Each would have a pop-up video depicting them being shot in the throat, shoulder and chest respectively, joining poor ol' Zed's eye in the above. You can see all the videos over on [email protected]. Previously the videos would replace each other, but today, all of them have reappeared on their various pages.

But what does it all mean? [email protected] has some screenshots of the URLs and code that was used to embed the videos, and there's several references to the word DeadEye, which they believe is the term for the teaser, and Jhin, probably the champion's name. League does already have a sniper, Caitlyn, with a long attack range and massive single-target damage ult, but there's room left. Of course, it's possible that things have been misunderstood, and this is a tease for a set of skins based on this whole rose, gunshot, death deal, but I doubt it.

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Blockhead avatarPurgatorialFlame avatar
Blockhead Avatar
2 Years ago

Is there any proof that its a new champion? i think its a Legendary Caitlin skin. Or at least i choose to believe it. If it is another sniper it means that they have given up on caitlin altogether. It means that instead of continuing to try and make her into a full ad sniper they will let her stay a headshotting machine gun and try to get the idea right with someone else.

PurgatorialFlame Avatar
2 Years ago

That would mean Lucian replaced Miss Fortune because he also has two pistols... guess we'll never see another sword champion because we have Yasuo, Yi, Garen, Riven, Kayle and Fiora.

I'm sure there are plenty of abilities and backstories that can play on a sniper theme. Nearly half of Caitlyn's abilities have nothing to do with sniping because they focus on her sheriff "capturing" skills.