League of Legends’ new Lag Report service helps you find the best ISP

Lag Report

Riot Games are launching a service to help you determine how your internet connection compares to other League of Legends players in your area. Lag Report scores Internet Service Providers based on ping, packet loss, and jitter.

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In a video released last night, Riot support announced the launch of the service, which is designed to help you determine which local ISP is best for League of Legends. Providers are scored out of 100, with higher scores meaning a better overall service. Lag Report also shows you what percentage of local players are using each provider.

It’s not an entirely perfect system. In my area, for example, 15% of players are using the best ISP, but that happens to be internet provided directly by the local university, which isn’t really an option for the average player. Hopefully, however it helps a few players come to the important but crushing realisation that it’s not their internet’s fault that they’re losing all of their games.