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Manage a League of Legends eSports team from the comfort of your own browser

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Videogames are a window on so many exciting careers in management, from football to theme parks, from hospitals to game development. And now you can take charge in the world of eSports too, with a free League of Legends team management game.

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Snappily titled League of Legends General Manager (or LoL GM), it’s all browser-based with no installation required, so just click here to play for free. You’ll be able to set up and name your own league, choose a game type, and pick which team to manage, creating your own if you don’t like any of the real world options. As with many other management sims, you’ll manage your players and your correspondence, and advance time at the click of a button.

It’s a bit plain, interface-wise, but it seems a fairly full-featured squad-building game so far. There are comprehensive reports after each match and a healthy pool of free agents to sift through for bargains (check out EqualKidU1). This seems to be the core of the game, as opposed to managing tactics or training. Your first message, from ‘The Owner’, reads:

“Hey, sorry I missed you at the gaming house this morning. I’ve just been told this morning my other businesses are in trouble. I’ve been through a brutal divorce and I’ve got child support payments. I need this team to be as profitable as possible. Eventually we have to win, but you’ve got to keep spending down.”

Tough stakes. The game’s author, who goes by ‘mycoder’ on Reddit, has been working on it for the past year and posted an update with some recently added features. These include:

  • Picks and Bans
  • Regional Restrictions
  • When creating a league you can choose how you want the meta to evolve
  • Auto Play (computer controls all teams for as many seasons as you want)
  • Uploading your own Champion files now functional
  • Game simulation revamped to be more realistic
  • Player MMR and player rank added
  • Player languages added
  • Team flags added based on most common country on team
  • Synergy added from years with team, languages, and country
  • LCS now comes in NA and EU versions (different name, language, and country player data)
  • Export stats
  • Statistical Feats have a page and show up on the player’s page

You can also bolster your game with a bunch of user-created roster files, available here. Happy player-abusing!