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League of Legends pro organisation banned for failing to pay players


Team Immunity, an Oceanic Pro League team, have been banned from entering any Riot-organised League of Legends competitions after information emerged about them not paying their players within a respectable time. 

“Team Immunity, an OPL pro team, has failed to meet the requirements of their OPL Team Agreement by not paying minimum match payments to their players,” explains the ruling. “Despite warnings, Team Immunity failed to pay their players within a set time of receiving payment from Riot in consecutive splits.

“We will therefore not be allowing the owners or the organisation of Team Immunity to compete in the OPL or any official League of Legends tournament for 2 years. We will ensure that all players receive the match payments owed to them, and will allow those players to continue playing in OPL as/with a new organisation.”

Any team in the OPL sign an agreement with Riot and agree to pay a minimum payment to each of their players within a set period. In split 1 of 2015’s season, this period was within 30 days of receiving payment from Riot. In split 2, it was within 21 days. Team Immunity allegedly missed these deadlines on both occasions, according to reports from players. These reports were confirmed by officials and the decision was made to ban the team. A review will be carried out in 2017 should they wish to participate again in future.

“As esports grows, so does the investment required of professional players who compete at the highest level,” writes an OPL official. “The OPL believes it is important that professional players in Oceania receive match payments to compensate them for the time and effort they put into their play, as well as the pressures they face. We believe it is unacceptable for organisations to repeatedly withhold or delay payments owed to their players.

“Unfortunately, Team Immunity has repeatedly proven they are not capable of operating at the standards we expect on behalf of their players and fans. The players themselves, however, have done nothing wrong here, and we will work with them as they decide what path to follow in the 2016 season of OPL.”