Riot win $10 million lawsuit against League of Legends scripting site LeagueSharp

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Earlier this week, Riot Games won a $10 million payout and a court-ordered ban for the League of Legends scripting site, LeagueSharp. Filed back in August 2016, this lawsuit concerned LeagueSharp’s hacking tools which allegedly allowed players to automate games of League of Legends, in order to artificially inflate their player rank.

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The lawsuit targeted LeagueSharp, its three owners and a Peruvian shell company that was supposedly set up to throw Riot off the trail. Along with the hacking allegations, Riot also alleged that LeagueSharp “leaked private information about a [Riot] employee” and “attacked its servers”, according to a summary of court proceedings published on Law360.

With LeagueSharp charging $15 a month for use of its scripting services and $50 a month for the ability to automate multiple League of Legends accounts, the site was siphoning off potentially thousands of dollars from League players looking to cheat the system.

Along with the $10 million payout and a ban on the software’s distrbution, Riot also gained control of all LeagueSharp related sites as part of this settlement. With the company declaring that it had finished operations back on February 28, Riot can now stem the flow of these scripts.

This hefty court settlement should dissuade any future League hacking sites from publicising their operation, in fear of the courts smacking them with a multi-million dollar fine.

Thanks DotEsports.

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