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League of Legends teases Butcher’s Bridge, the new map for Bilgewater event

LoL Butcher's Bridge Bilgewater

Riot have been busy bees recently getting ready for the massive narrative-led Bilgewater: Burning Tides event. A key part of the event will be Butcher’s Bridge, a single mid-lane map that is based in the busy port side town of Bilgewater. It’s like nothing you’ve seen in League of Legends before, and you can grab your first look at it here. 

Butcher’s Bridge is an ARAM map, and the gameplay you usually associate with that is all present and correct. It’s just the visuals that are changing for this map, but don’t they look just lovely?

The map will be available on the PBE in the coming weeks, and the story event will kick off later in the summer.