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League of Legends teases what’s next, leaves us none the wiser

LoL tease

Riot have posted a short teaser video to League of Legends’ Facebook page. A simple animation, it is narrated with a brief story that gives next to nothing away. 

The story is told as follows:

Wolf: Lamb, tell me a story!
Lamb: There was once a pale man with dark hair who was very lonely.
Wolf: Why was it lonely?
Lamb:All things must meet this man. So, they shunned him.
Wolf: Did he chase them all?
Lamb:He took an axe and split himself in two.
Wolf: So he would always have a friend?
Lamb: So he would always have a friend.

Speculate now! Could they well be talking about the games next champion? They Are Coming, afterall. Hopefully we will know who ‘they’ are very soon.