Only a single player has guessed LoL Worlds correctly so far

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Update, October 19: The number of people predicting League of Legends’ Worlds results correctly has dropped to just 1.

The knockout rounds of League of Legends’ Worlds tournaments have started, and after the first quarterfinal match the number of people correctly predicting results has dropped from 43 at the end of the group stages to just 1.

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Initially, the numbers were pretty slim anyway, with just 0.00087% of players correctly predicting how the tournament would play out through the group stages. But after Longzhou’s unlikely defeat to Samsung Galaxy this morning, there’s just one player who has correctly guessed the results throughout both the group and knockout stages.

That’s not to say that lucky player is the only one to have guessed Samsung would win, but those who did were definitely in the minority. 87% of players assumed Longzhou would be progressing to the semis, while just 13% were backing Samsung.

Original story, October 16: Riot have been encouraging League of Legends players to make a guess at their winners and losers for Worlds 2017. Worlds Pick’em assigns points for correctly guessing the outcome of matches, tallying up your score and assigning you a rank based on how well you’ve done.

With the group stages complete, the first round of pick’em results have been finalised, and it looks as though what some might have thought would be quite an easy task is actually pretty tricky. As of now, only 0.00087% of players have scored 64 points to earn themselves the top rank – that amounts to 43 of the roughly five million players who have completed their brackets.

Given the group stages have seen some upsets, that’s pretty good going. I never would have bet on EDG to come bottom of their group, and after their disastrous first week, Fnatic’s progress out of the first stage was far from expected. Those at the top either got very lucky, or are better analysts than many of League of Legends’ most famous casters, who you can compare your scores to.

While there are some people doing very well, however, there’s almost an alarmingly large number of people doing much, much worse. As things currently stand, there are more than 200,000 players in the bottom rank. That means they scored less than two points throughout groups, which is almost impressively bad.