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League of Legends’ Assassin update sneaks some changes in for stealthy champs

League of Legends Kalista

The League of Legends Assassin update is currently in the pre-season phase of release right now, so Riot has handily summarised all the changes waiting for after Worlds.

Are any of the best LoL champs getting a do-over?

The class of the month is Assassin’s and that means pretty much everyone from Katarina to Rengar will be getting their makeovers.

In general, Riot is looking to improve the “class health” of Assassins within the game, making sure they’re all still relevant in the meta, as well as improving each champion’s thematic advantage of “skill fantasy”.

“Assassins should have the ability to massively outplay their opponents, which also leaves them open to being outplayed,” wrote James “Statikk” Bach, assistant game designer on the Champions team. “Overall, we want them to have strong success cases, strong failure cases, and clear ways for opponents to attempt to avoid dying.”

What this means for the champs in this category are major or minor tweaks to their skillsets. The ones up for major overhauls are LeBlanc, Talon, Katarina and Rengar, while Fizz, Kha’Zix, Ekko, Shaco, Akali and Zed are getting minor alterations.

As well as the champions, certain items will get their chance at remakes with flat armour penetration being the main focus as the main tool of most assassins.

Other incidental game mechanics to do with assassins, namely stealth and camouflage (AKA budget stealth that only fools pink wards) are also going to have overhauls.

You can read all the details here inStatikk’s postand there’s, as always, so much discussion below. So much.