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China’s pro LoL server gives players 1,000 LP per win


The Chinese owners of Riot Games, Tencent, have launched a LoL server over there for the best of the best, where seasoned professionals can duke it out against  worthy opponents. China’s pro server is only open to players who are Diamond One or above.

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As Reddit points out, if you’re sufficiently ranked, you automatically get an account that’s pre-levelled up to level 30, you get 200,000 IP and RP, and you get 1,000 LP for each win. It’s possible to brute force your way to Diamond Three in placement matches.

It’s unlikely we’ll see such a thing over here any time soon, but we can dream. Not that we’d ever be good enough to get on the servers, mind.

You can have a look at the Chinese announcement at that link, though Google Translate isn’t quite up to the task. Here’s an excerpt: “Come here to find your dream of opening up mouth.” Cheers, Google.