100 million people play League of Legends every month

League of Legends baking skin splash art

We already knew LoL was ridiculously popular – you only have to see the crowds both online and in person at any of its major eSports events to see that – but it wasn’t clear it was this much of a colossus. 

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It might be mega popular with the spectators, but LoL is absolutely massive with the players too.In an interview with PCGamesN, developers Riot Games revealed that the MOBA has surpassed 100 million monthly players.

Back in 2014, the player count was at 67 million a month. Today the company sits with an estimated revenue of over $1.4 billion.

“We grew a lot faster than we ever expected to; there’s this longstanding joke that we had to build the plane while flying,” Riot Games co-founder Marc ‘Tryndamere’ Merrill told us.

You might be wondering if this success breeds complacency, but Riot say there’s a lot left to do before they’re happy with the state of LoL.

When asked if they’re worried that a new game might come along and take the MOBA crown, just like LoL did when it came along, Riot are very humble.

“It’s possible,” Merrill says when asked about being superseded. “As time goes on player expectations continue to go up and up and up and there are great other products which are being introduced such as Overwatch.

“I think that the most important thing which we can do is continue to delight our players and serve them well by improving the product. Sometimes that means that we’ll make long-term, controversial decisions, other times it means that we need to be more reactive according to the requests and demands that players have.

“The most important thing we could possibly do is to have League of Legends continue to be the great multiplayer competitive game that it is and as long as we’re doing a great job of delivering that experience, we don’t even care or think about shooting to be number one or look to metrics as a goal. That’s not how we think.”