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The best play of LoL Worlds 2016 wasn’t enough to beat SKT

League of Legends Project Ashe Splash Art

Last night’s semi-final Korean derby between ROX Tigers and SK Telecom T1 was host to one of the best individual plays of the tournament and it still wasn’t enough to stop SKT going through to next week’s final.

They do have quite a few of the best LoL players in the world, though.

The reigning world champions, SKT, have a bit of a habit of not letting anyone else ever win anything ever, a tradition they proudly continued even after going 2-1 down in a best of five against their fellow countrymen in a rematch of last year’s Worlds final.

ROX rounded out their first win in such style it carried them into another win in the third game, but SKT being two-time champions and hungry for that hat-trick took the final two games with very little drama to secure their spot in yet another final.

The win that sparked ROX’s minor rebellion hinged on a pin-point precise arrow from ADC Kim ‘PraY’ Jong-in on Ashe, as the game devolved into some extremely scrappy teamfights at either end of the map.

While going all-in on a final push to attempt to destroy SKT’s Nexus, PraY spotted SKT’s problem top-laner Lee ‘Duke’ Ho-Seong attempting to recall to his base and defend – something he would surely succeed in, being on full health and one of the strongest champs on the map.

In order to stop that happening, PraY sent Ashe’s ultimate skillshot on a long journey across the map to damage Duke just before his eight-second recall completed, delaying him just long enough for ROX to push over the Nexus. An incredible feat, all in vain, as SKT takes another step closer to being three-time World champs.