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League of Legends players can now support community news site, Surrender at 20, through Patreon


Zack “Moobeat” Day and his website, Surrender at 20, should be familiar to all League of Legends players. Run by a small team – two, to be exact – of dedicated LoL fans, they work hard to collate the latest League news from a broad range of sources and present it to you in one convenient place (with an adjoining YouTube channel).

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Their hard work has seen their site develop from a small fan blog to one of the Internet’s best and largest sources of League news, yet they remain a site run by players, for players, and are determined to keep what ads they run as unobtrusive as possible. This, along with ad blocking software, is part of the reason why their time and effort have not been as well-compensated as you might expect.

This is a problem facing content creators across the Internet, and more and more of them are looking to Patreon as a solution. Now Moobeat is doing the same, with the Surrender at 20 Patreon.

Rewards so far include patron-exclusive posts and MS Paint artwork, made by Moobeat especially for you, of your favourite League champion. Moobeat promises that your pledges “will go directly towards continuing to keep the Surrender at 20 ship afloat” and will fund new content and projects.

If you play League and don’t know what I’m talking about, check out Surrender at 20 onlineand on YouTube.