Riot founders hint at new game as they return to development

Riot Games

Though they are called Riot Games, there’s still only one Riot game. Despite a handful of publishing credits and a spinoff tabletop title, the decade-old company with offices in over a dozen countries would still be best known as “the League of Legends people.” Yet now it seems Riot are attempting to earn back the plural in their name.

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Today, Riot founders Brandon “Ryze” Beck and Marc “Tryndamere” Merrill announced they’re dropping managerial duties in order to return to their true passion of game development within the company.

“In our new roles we’re going back to focusing on what is ultimately the most important thing we do: making great games,” reads their official announcement. “Dylan Jadeja (CFO), Scott Gelb (CTO), and Nicolo Laurent (President) will tank company operations; all three are longtime Rioters who have been integral to shaping our company’s vision, strategy, and culture over the last decade. We are thrilled to be able to have a great team of such capable leaders and look forward to working with them to finally put the ‘s’ in Riot Games.”

This isn’t the first time they’ve teased restoring that ‘s,’ but with the announcement that Tryndamere and Ryze are back in development it seems that news on whatever Riot’s next project will be is closer than ever before.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing to have only one game in your portfolio when that title is literally the most successful game in the world, but that also leaves everyone immensely curious about what’s next. Riot acquired hopeful fighting game luminaries Radiant Entertainment last year, but we’ve yet to see the fruits of that partnership.