New chart ranks games by hours watched on Twitch – Dead by Daylight debuts in sixth place


Market intelligence firm Newzoo have released some stats for the last year in eSports on Twitch, showing how the big events deliver spikes in viewing numbers, top performers and more. You can probably guess which the top three games are, mind. 

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Newzoo tracked the data from August 2015 – June 2016 and have calculated the hours each game is watched casually and how many hours gamers have spent watching professional eSports events. The eSports hours consist of content from professionally organised eSports competitions and does not include individual pro-player streams. They are to continue doing this every month from now on if you want to track it.

League of Legends, CS:GO, and Dota 2 consistently rack up the most eSports hours watched, unsurprisingly. The big switchups between the big three tend to happen around big events. In October, the League of Legends World Championship generated almost 60 million hours of viewership, for example. To put this into context, over the past 11 months, viewers spent almost 264 million hours watching LoL eSports content on Twitch. This puts LoL at the top of the chart.

As for those spikes again, peak viewership for CS:GO came last August during ESL One in Cologne, where more than 40 million hours were spent watching the FPS. Newzoo expect to see a similar effect in July’s ranking, thanks to the ESL One in Cologne.

As for Dota 2, the Manilla Major, ESL One Frankfurt, and qualifiers for The International 2016 ensured that June was its best month, putting it ahead of LoL. Here’s the official chart for last month:


Newzoo also track hours watched in general, not only for eSports. One of the most successful new games on Twitch is Dead By Daylight, which made its debut in the June chart at number six. You can look at the charts, either for eSports or just general hours watched, on Newzoo’s site.