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Rick Fox tells League of Legends devs to “check for bugs” after he places Iron 3

Fox isn't happy with his placement

League of Legends

Former NBA player Rick Fox is no longer in the business of owning esports organisations with League of Legends teams, but he’s still in the business of playing Riot’s impossibly massive MOBA. Bronze II is far from the best rank in the game, but it seems Fox is proud of the achievement – and very disappointed that the game’s ranking system has dropped him all the way back down to Iron III.

“Alert Riot Support,” Fox says in a tweet that’s now pinned to his profile. “After ten promo matches the game seems to be confused. Iron III?!?! This is not possible – you should probably check the game for bugs before the January 25 LCS start. Last I checked I was Bronze II.”

As followers were quick to point out in the replies, Fox’s Iron 3 rank is likely the intended result of the system – League’s rankings will drop you fast in each new season, and your placement matches just determine how much further you’ll have to climb before you can actually reclaim your original rank.

Fox’s League play does at least seem a bit better than his parody songwriting.

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