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Create your own League of Legends pro team with Fantasy LCS

NA LCS LoL teams

If you’re a sports person or socialise with people of that mindframe, you’ll probably be familiar with Fantasy Football. You create a team made up of your favourite players, each week you tot up their goals and other point-scoring activities, and at the end of the season one of your social group is crowned the winner. 

Riot have decided this would be a pretty cool set up for their League of Legends tournament: League Championship Series. Now, with Fantasy LCS, you can create your dream LoL team with the best pro players, and try to ‘win’ the series. 

Currently in beta, with Fantasy LCS you can select players from both North American and European League Championship Series’, and create your own dream team. The Fantasy LCS service will then track your players’ kills, assists, creep points, and more to determine their overall score.

You can create a Fantasy LCS league with 4, 6, or 8 people. The usual method among the football heads is to each pay in a small entry fee, and the winner at the the end takes the money. If you’re not into gambling away your hard earned cash though Fantasy LCS will still be great just for the fun of it, and to brag among friends that you’re the best at predicting what players are going to pwn this season.

If you’re just jumping into League of Legends and want to know what champions to pick, check out ourbest League of Legends champions for beginners guide.

Sign ups are available from the Fantasy LCS website, although Riot are only accepting limited quantities at a time after the website crashed from sheer demand on the service’s first day of operation.

Are you planning on creating a Fantasy LCS league with your pals? Let us know who you’re hoping to take your team to victory.

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