Italian League of Legends players to get Gladiator Draven free with localisation


Riot are adding the last few acute accents to League of Legends’ Italian localisation, due to be rolled out in a characteristically free update in the next few weeks. When it does, the developers plan to reward the localised for their patience with a free Gladiator Draven skin.

“You see that Gladiator and defiant villain who sowed terror in the Arenas of Justice?”, reads Riot’s post on the Italian LoL site after a working translation from Google. “He has just launched its sharp blades against you! Escape while you can!

“Which best specimen could celebrate our history if not a brave and bold gladiator as Draven?”

Roman-flavour Draven will be available from the client store in the “coming weeks”. Best of all, Italian players who haven’t yet bought vanilla Draven will find him tied to their account alongside the new skin.

He’s already tearing up the PBE in the localisation beta. See him in arrogant action below, courtesy of the ace Reign of Gaming:

In our Draven review a while back, we dubbed him the “fu-manchu looking bugger with the spinning axes and the permanent smile”. That more or less still applies.

So what do we think, non-Italians? Worth paying for?