League of Legends attacked by DDOS, Riot taking legal action


Get big enough, and you’ll become a target. Riot Games, makers of League of Legends, have suffered a series of attacks which have overloaded their servers and forced games to ‘die’. Riot has taken measures to prevent this from happening, and while games should now survive the DDOS attacks, lag and disconnects can still occur.

In a post about the attacks, Bellissimoh, one of Riot Games’ Producers, stated that “we have taken steps to identify these attackers and remove them from our service permanently. Additionally we are pursuing legal avenues and working with the proper authorities.”

There’s no word of how widespread this issue was, or onwhether it was a recent development or something that’s been going on for a while. However, the important thing is that the worst of it is now over, and for the most part your League of Legends experience should be uninterrupted.

Let us know if you’ve experienced disconnects or ‘killed’ games; it’d be interesting to see if this is a massive problem.