League of Legends Champion Spotlight: meet Quinn and Valor, Demacia’s Wings


LoL’s latest is a falconer and a trickster. Quinn’s high mobility offers the chance to escape from unwanted encounters in an instant, or to chase down enemies attempting to hightail it across the map. Find out precisely how in a breakdown of her abilities below the break.

Their abilities frequently see the pair work in tandem, however. Quinn’s passive, Harrier, sees Valor act as spotter, picking out enemies every few seconds to boost the damage caused by Quinn’s basic crossbow attack. Valor will automatically target enemies the player is attacking or, failing that, nearby champions or low-health minions.

The player can manually direct Valor to a particular target via Vault, a dash move which also damages and slows an enemy. If the player finds themselves within close range of an enemy when using Vault, Quinn will leap back to full range after the attack, enabling a swift escape. In the context of a chase, however – when Vault will be used from longer range – the leap will leave Quinn closer to her target.

When Quinn attacks an enemy marked by Valor, she is granted bonus attack speed by another passive: Heightened Senses. Furthermore, when activated Heightened Senses will reveal the map in a small radius around the player – no replacement for wards, but especially useful for revealing nearby lurkers.

Blinding Assault is a ranged AOE attack of sorts, which sees Valor sent out in a straight line from Quinn’s position, causing damage to the first enemy he meets and blinding enemies in a small radius – though Riot note you’ll have to aim well to hit high-damage targets further away behind a chicane of minions.

It’s the duo’s ultimate, Tag Team, that has Valor swoop in and temporarily replace Quinn, augmenting basic abilities and introducing a huge bonus to movement speed. In close combat, Valor can cause high melee damage, but suffers reduced movement speed.

When Tag Team is active, Blinding Assault becomes a short-range blinding attack, Heightened Senses grants even greater attack speed, and Vault loses its marking and leap-back effects.

The player can end Tag Team by activating Sky Strike, which sees Quinn return to the battlefield in a hail of arrows that cause high damage to low-health enemies.

“In early laning, Quinn should look to attack Champions who have been marked by Harrier,” advise Riot. “However, enemies can see the Harrier mark, and will often back off, relying on a teammate to counter-attack her. Quinn players should be aware of their surroundings and not get caught up in the chase.”
For advice on dealing with gankers and using Vault to secure kills, see the comprehensive Riot video below:

Is Quinn a good fit for your playstyle? Or, at the very least, worthy of a weekend of Champion experimentation?