League of Legends fan submits designs for Lego champions and minions


A League of Legends fan has put forward several designs for Lego minifigs and models based around the game, because… well, why shouldn’t we be able to enjoy a League of Lego? The designs has been submitted to Lego Cuusoo, the site where the Lego community can vote on user-generated submissions, and they’ve now received more than 5,000 votes from other fans. If that vote count reaches 10,000, Lego will give them an official review and consider whether they should enter the production stage.

The designs, submitted by someone simply known as Addam, include minifigs for Taric,Lux, Brand and Riven, as well as models of minions, turrets, Blitzcrank and Baron Nashor. All of the designs have been created in the Lego building program SR 3D and rendered via 3D Studio Max.

If you’re keen to see these realised (And who wouldn’t be?) you can also sign up to vote on the designs and you can keep track of the project on Facebook.