League of Legends has 32 million active players


Riot have produced reams of new stats for League of Legends this morning via a lengthy infographic. “LoL is no laughing matter,” state the developer, before pushing some very serious numbers across the table.

Among them: League of Legends brings in 32 million active players a month, between them totalling enough hours – over 1 billion – to make it the most played video game in the world right now.

12 million play daily, according to the infographic picked up by PC Gamer,and LoL’s typical concurrent peak of 3 million players is nearly five times the number of players across all top 100 games on Steam last Friday.

Other notables include LoL’s 4.1 million Facebook likes – dwarfing Gangnam’s Style’s 1.4 million – and statistics that pinpoint its playerbase as 90% male, with 85% between 16 and 30 years old.

Finally, we’re sorry to have to inform you that you’re only likely to see a pentakill in one game of every 150. And the frequency of you actually performing one? One game in 1500. Have you had that game yet?

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