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League of Legends hero Elise, the Spider Queen, is out now; the video proves it


Spiders aren’t nature’s most favoured creation. Their webs make a cupboard reveal to our friends how infrequently we cook, their myriad of eyes all look at us with judgement, and they scare half of the gaming press. So it seems an odd choice that Riot have added Elise, the Spider Queen, to League of Legends. May be the announcement video will swing you.

I work up stuck in Riot Games’ Youtube channelweb this morning, I got free before I was torn apart by the players who saw me as the MOBA nookb I am, but when I got back to my flat and booted up Tetris I found this stuck to my back:

I wrote about some of Elise’s abilities earlier this week. Go on, make my day reader, reach for the link.