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League of Legends’ most toxic players are “actually improving their behaviour”, say Riot


Did you know that Jeffrey Lin, Riot’s Lead Designer of Social Systems, is a doctor of cognitive neuroscience? It’s his job to extract the nastiness from League of Legends – a task the game’s Honor initiative was designed to help ease along. But Lin has discovered that even the most abusive players can be reformed.

“One of the most interesting stats is the fact that 23% of formerly toxic players, players that have been banned before, are actually improving their behavior,” Lin told PCGamesN .

“They’re actually earning honor now, and being less toxic in their games. But when you talk to those players, now they’re just trying really really hard to earn honor. Where before there was nothing for them to earn, to aspire to, and compete against.”

Do you play? If so, have you noticed behaviour improve in LoL?

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