League of Legends restaurant opens in Chongqing, China


Yes, you’re reading that headline right. A League of Legends themed restaurant has opened in the city of Chongqing, in the People’s Republic of China, and it features staff dressed as League of Legends characters who serve League of Legends food and League of Legends drinks. There’s also League of Legends figurines on display and even a computer on which you can play… League of Legends.

The restaurant is named Demacia, after the city-state in the game League of Legends, and a report in a local paper suggests some $160,000 was invested in establishing the venue.

Click through to see a few more pictures. If you dare.

Here are the lovely staff who will be serving you, should you drop by for something to eat. Perhaps they look oddly familiar somehow?

And here’s a sample of the menu. I assume the meals are themed around the champions, rather than tasting like the champions.

You may chuckle, but you have to admit that all this is pretty neat. Mad, but neat.

Thanks to MMO Culture for the story and the images. Thanks too for the excuse to link to this League of Legends cooking contest from last summer, which featured fan-made food styled as League of Legends characters, a trick this establishment seems to have missed. What does fan-made League of Legends food look like? Why, it looks like this: