League of Legends’ security just got tighter

Riot on Yasuo, League of Legends champion.

What phrase is sex to your ears? Custard cream? Rochester’s mansion? Scintillating jewelled crabs? No, don’t be silly, it’s ‘email verification’.

“As part of ongoing work to keep all Summoners’ accounts safe, we’re rolling out email verification for any and all account credential changes,” Riot wrote in a recent update. “Once activated by players, this system will message your verified email whenever a change is made to your account, ensuring that you know if any suspicious activity is happening.”

“To activate email verification and shield your account from unauthorized access just:

  • Head to leagueoflegends.com and sign in

  • Click your summoner name

  • Follow the prompts to establish a verified email account

“Baddies won’t be able to change a single credential on your account without also having access to your verified email account. This is just a first step – we’re looking into many more security features to keep your account details safe like SMS protection and more, so stay tuned.”

Are you salivating like I am? If not then maybe you should watch this:

Chocolate Mill by Wieki Somers at the Vitra Design Museum from Dezeen on Vimeo.