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League of Legends’ Twisted Treeline map to receive major update


The winds of change are breezing through League of Legends’ Twisted Treeline map, rustling its spooky leaves and blowing away all of its wards. The 3v3 jungle is due for a major update in the next patch, improving not just its twisted trees, but removing wards from the item shop, making it less of a playground for bruiser and blink champions, shortening the length of games and introducing new objectives.

Riot detailed the update on the League of Legends forum, citing more viable team comps, an improved jungle, shorter game length and new neutral objectives as the biggest changes.

The inventory of the map’s item shop has been tweaked to remove tank items and wards, replacing them withitems to support champions typically unsuited to the old map. Most of the upper jungle has been removed and three new monster camps have been placed on either side of the map. steps have been taken to makeTwisted Treeline games shorter too.

“To make Treeline games finish faster,” write Riot,”we widened the two entrances to each base so that sieges are easier to break. We then moved the Summoner Platform further back into the base and placed a wall around it to keep the laser beams off the minions. This should shave some time off your next victory on Twisted Treeline by helping you kick in the door on a team that’s turtling in their base.”

New objectives introduce team-buffing altars to be captured and a giant spider bossto be smacked up. Find all the details here. The new version of Twisted Treeline will arrive in beta form in the next League of Legends patch.