New League of Legends champion revealed, is powered by blood.


The list of League of Legends champions grows ever longer, and the latest addition is one for those with a love for demonic hell fire. Aatrox, the Darkin Blade is a Balrog-like melee brawler powered by his own blood who casts dirty dark spells. Or in more user-friendly terms: he sacrifices health points to cast spells.

Aatrox has a nifty set of abilities that all sound pretty painful. His passive ability Blood Well stores up health to be used for abilities. When he hits zero HP Aatrox can draw on the Blood Well and recover health. This recovered health is useful for casting the likes of Dark Flight, which knocks enemies up in the air, and Blades of Torment, which damages and slows enemies caught in its line attack pattern.

Massacre acts as Aatrox’s ultimate, and wonderfully costs no health at all. An AoE spell, instant damage is inflicted to any poor soul around him, and attack speed and range is increased for the duration of the spell.

Riot note that Aatrox’s powers make him ideal for battling through the top lane, decimating enemy creep and being an effective close-combatant. His slow effect means that he can both take advantage of escaping enemies and also steal valuable seconds when trying to retreat himself. Blood Well seems quite the nifty back-up plan too; should you get overconfident in a fight that reserved health could be the second chance you need.

You can read everything there is to know about Aatrox over at the League of Legends website.