Oculus from the Rift: League of Legends players uncover a betentacled new champion, Vel’Koz

Vel'Koz is the creepy chap drifting out of the mists there. Play nice.

Vel’Koz. That’s the name League of Legends Redditors are wearing out their keyboards with this week, such that the top line of keys now reads: ‘qwrtyuip’. A series of disparate clues and apparently deliberate leaks across the wider world of LoL suggest Riot Games are engaged in a slow-burn reveal of Valve-like complexity – one that some speculate could yield an apocalyptic (but probably fun) event in Runeterra.

The first clue emerged in a series of seemingly unrelated videos from across the international LoL streamer community. This popular YouTuber’s flow was rudely interrupted by a soul-penetrating eye:

As was the stream of this guy:

And this guy:

In fact, Redditors have spotted at least10 other videos like these, featuring the same teaser clip.

And that’s not all. That distinctive, purple oculus has cropped up elsewhere. First in the distant background of this splash art for fellow champion Viktor:

And second, in this leaked image of a new ‘Void champion’ – which unambiguously plants the idea that our orb-faced friend might be playable:

Best of all, players have speculated that the direction of this ARG-like reveal was first determined by players. During the Battle for Freljord event, players were asked to choose a tribe. The majority chose Frostguard, imbuing the ice witch Lissandra with new power.

In LoL fiction, it’s Lissandra who seeks to free The Watchers buried below the Howling Abyss map. Abyss is practically a synonym of Void; Q.E.D. Vel’Koz is the herald of an apocalyptic attack on Runeterra.

Does the reasoning ring true to you? And if so, what form would you like to see an invasion event take in LoL?