Pulsefire Ezreal Revealed


Despite almost everyone knowing that it was on its way, it’s actually quite exciting to see Pulsefire Ezreal finally being revealed, along with its own swanky new site, with moving pictures, videos and lots of clicky buttons. Which it needs, apparently, because this isn’t just your typical skin, or even your typical Legendary Skin.

At first glance, it’s a sci-fi bit of armour that turns Ezreal into a blonde-haired space marine with a cannon on his arm. It’s got some new animations and effects, as well as leaving behind a cute little hologram effect whenever he kills anything, minion or champions. Even his dance animation has turned from slightly effeminate J-Pop routine into a discoed hologram, presumably with accompanying Dubstep pumping in through Ezreal’s helmet. Just be thankful you can’t hear it.
But once he hits level six, it starts to get a little more interesting. The armour upgrades along with your level, becoming bigger and more chunky, changing not only in appearance but also animation, turning him from a spritely scout into a lumbering heavy over the course of a match. It means this is by far the most extensive skin that Riot have released so far, effectively becoming four in one, but also turning Ezreal, one of the less popular designs in LoL, into something a little more interesting.
Especially as, at level 16, he can fly. With jets and everything. Not very far, but still. Jetpacks are pretty cool.
The skin is going to be 3250 RP, although for the first four days after release, he’ll be 50% cheaper, at 1625 RP. That’s over £20 at full price, but under £10 at the sale. So if you like the look of Pulsefire, probably better to get it sooner rather than later, although there’s no release date right now.And you get the added bonus of a Summoner Icon and Profile Banner, just to show what a high roller you are when it comes to League of Legends. Like I said; swanky.